Cardamom-saffron-sumac fizz

All our favorite warm spices - cardamom, saffron and sumac - simmered into a fragrant simple syrup and mixed into club soda for into a long, refreshing drink.


For 4 Batch(es)


3 cardamom pods, whole
1/4 cup turmeric (or you can substitute a few saffron strands)
1/3 cup of ground sumac
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 Soda water

Cardamom-saffron-sumac fizz Directions

  1.       Make the spiced simple syrup by simmering together cardamom, saffron or turmeric and sumac with the sugar and water until the sugar dissolves
  2.       Remove from the heat, cover and cool for 20 to 30 minutes and let the spices can steep like tea.
  3.       Strain through a fine mesh sieve or cheese cloth and store in a lidded mason jar in the fridge. 
  4.       Pour ½ cup of the spiced simple syrup into each glass, over ice. Top with soda water.
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