PDA Bloody Mary with PDA Pizza Sauce

Recipe by Emi Guimond, co-owner of PDA Pizza, Brooklyn, NY.

We could all learn a thing or two here. Pizza sauce deployed in your Bloody Mary? Yes, please. Pizza is good, even when it's okay, but this spiked recipe from PDA Pizza is both hair-of-the-dog and brunch in one. 


For 1 Serving(s)


1 cup tomato sauce (we use Dinapoli)
1/4 tsp mustard powder
3 splashes Worcester sauce
1/4 juice lemon
1 dash hot sauce
2 oz vodka or other clear liquor

PDA Bloody Mary with PDA Pizza Sauce Directions

Combine ingredients to make the Bloody Mary pizza sauce. Add vodka which is traditional but you can use gin, tequila or mezcal. Increase the spice level by adding more hot sauce or chili flakes. Add more acid with pickling liquid (brine) or lemon juice, to taste. Rim the glass with celery salt or preferred seasoning like chile-based Tajin or Chamoy. We garnish with house giardinara: pickled broccoli stem, carrot, onion and garlic.

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